services at Te Whare O Te Ata 2015

Photocopying and laminating available at Te Whare O Te Ata. Need a phone and making a local call we have one you can use.


free wi-fi under the trees at Te Whare O Te Ata

Free Wifi under the trees at Te Whare O Te Ata – available 24/7.


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  1. jasmine kemp says:

    what services do you provide

    • Hi Jasmine,

      In answer to your question about the services we reply here at Te Whare O Te Ata.
      We have a photocoping services in both colour and black and white, starting 5 cents for a one single sided copy for black and white and 15 cents for colour single sided. If you check out our services page on the website you will see the full list of prices.

      We also have free wifi – bring your phone or laptop along and sit under the trees in fairfield park or around our house and you can log in any time of the day or week – unless the service goes down.

      We also hire out our rooms, – if you need or want to hire out our rooms then drop in and see us or give us a call on 855 7804.

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